1. Blown Away
  2. Boys Club
  3. Down & Dirty
  4. Do It Again
  5. Connected
  6. Revive
  7. We Want More
  8. View from the Middle
  9. Devil You Know
  10. Marseille
  11. Keep Drivin'
  12. Holdin On

Adapting their name from a notorious London lunatic asylum, Toronto’s Coney Hatch drew lots of attention and some critical acclaim from their three albums released in the early ’80s. Formed by vocalist/bassist Andy Curran and drummer Dave Ketchum in 1980, the band’s core lineup solidified with the addition of vocalist/guitarist Carl Dixon and lead guitarist Steve Shelski the following year.

A four-song demo was produced by Kim Mitchell for Anthem Records (home of the rock band Rush) and the band recorded a self-titled debut in 1982 which went on to sell over 50,000 copies (Certified Gold), then followed it with 1983’s Outa Hand. Dave Ketchum left the band in ’84 and was replaced by new drummer Barry Connors before 1985’s aptly titled Friction was recorded. Following the tour to promote that record, the band decided to break up in 1986. A brief reunion tour was booked to coincide with the release of 1992’s Best of Three greatest hits album, after which the band members once again went their separate ways.

After a serious car accident involving vocalist Carl Dixon, all the band members, including original drummer Dave Ketchum, vowed to join him on stage after his recovery. That show garnered the attention of several labels, and after performing their first show on UK soil at Firefest in Nottingham, Frontiers Records offered the band a new record deal. Coney Hatch Four was released in 2013, and was voted in the Top 50 Rock Albums of the year by Classic Rock magazine.